Community Support Services

(HELPING local underserved and underutilized citizens with youth development, seniors, veterans, disabilities, and caregiving support services AND fight against hunger and homelessness)



Advocacy on the behalf of underserved & underutilized communities to the Local, State, Federal governments

Our primary objective is to work directly with local legislators and local government administrators relating to our issues which includes education, access to capital for the underserved and underutilized communities, and senior, veterans, disabled individual care, youth development to name a few.

Job & Training

Some seniors, veterans and disable individuals seek second careers. Years of work may have changed due to technology and health pandemics. We can refer these individuals to new resources that would offer career training.

Emergency Readiness

Emergency relief includes the entire community. This tool connects you to an emergency centralized system which includes your agency, organization, your organization members with connections with local government and certified diversity businesses.

Healthcare Support Services

Our affiliate healthcare relationship relates to Medicare Advantage for Seniors (65+), Medicare Supplement and Disable individuals, America Care Act (Obamacare) and Group Insurance for individuals and organizations, and local business owners to bring to you the less expensive quality insurance coverage.


It is our mission & vision to end hunger throughout the communities where we are actively engaged. This effort is with our community relationships, education, advocacy, and distribution. Together we can END Hunger. Our association with a food bank involves the community, faith base, schools, for profit businesses and nonprofits. The Food Bank is a nonprofit that stock and stores food for local pantries and community meals. The food bank is a critical link between food and the people that lives in the community. The partners pantries provide meals and / or food to local families in our local communities. See the Pantry Partners.

Community Land Trust


CLT is land bank that obtain vacant lots from the governments or purchase them.  Our goal is to obtain ownership of the vacant lots or unwanted properties and/or to repair these properties for the neighborhood citizens and the Seniors that don't have financial means.  The objective is to make these properties livable, available and/or affordable in a new or renovated condition.  Second, we intend to provide financial services for Black citizens (African American individuals and families) for their future home ownership or renovation.

Family Support

Our Social service team make sure you and your family get the best results from a healthcare, property tax system, social security, local and state government and the justice system.

Beautiful Neighborhood

This would be to cut the grass on vacate lots, plant flowers remove graffiti.  Also, Seniors who are unable and qualify for this service may apply for this service Free or at a discount.  The service includes keeping their lawn cut and snow removed.  (If applicable)

Eat What You Grow!

The neighborhood garden organizations work with the local community famers by setting up, training, and maintaining local gardens.  The concept is to educate and train the local community about planting and growing food.

Products/Services Discounts & Incentives

Our affiliate incentive services include discounts & incentives from local and national vendors such as restaurants, retail and service businesses for our members which include product/service specials and coupons.